What We Believe

Fan Design is a company on a mission. In addition to passionately inspiring others to succeed and build meaningful creative solutions, we are dedicated to building a business that creates generation-spanning good in every sphere we find influence. 


We believe: 

  • Everyone is seeking connection and a fulfilled life, so what we do must matter.
  • We should love what we do. This requires that we respect our craft to constantly improve.
  • Excellence is achieved through skill.  We must continue to learn, develop, grow and apply.
  • 100% of people are human, not numbers. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and valued as they are.
  • When we have the courage to be vulnerable & completely transparent, we create a level of trust that is nearly impossible to break.
  • When we look out for others first and to their benefit, we prove our value.
  • In “Win Win” relationships. Creating exchanges that benefit everyone. 
  • In order to have a say in change, first we must roll up our sleeves and help.
  • In legacy. That the collective value of our time should leave others and this world better from us having been here, and for generations to come.

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