Made Fine Sandwiches

Work Completed: 
  • Branding – Custom Font Logo, Business Card & Stationery
  • Signage – Internal & External
  • Enviro Graphic
  • Creative Direction
  • Menu Design
  • Packaging
  • Copywriting
  • Table Numbers
  • Social Media
  • Web Design
  • PR & Marketing
  • Photography


Made Fine Sandwiches is a gourmet sandwich shop on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. It all began from a desire to create the finest sandwich experience using the freshest local and unprocessed ingredients. Fan Design was given the task of building the concept of MADE into a strong brand and visual identity that was set to make a large impact.

What we did:


We worked closely with Made in developing a brand story that lived and breathed their motto “awesome between bread”. Through consultation with Made on their processes and full lifecycle impact of customer brand experience, we helped establish the basis behind a consumer focused business strategy.

This translated into a unique identity mark and logotype for Made - with the inspiration coming from the shape and connection of two pieces of bread. The result was a modern and fresh font face that could be used in the brand logo, brand mark and as a unique brand design element in the collateral. 

Signage / Store Design

When it came to designing the signage for the restaurant we wanted to create something modern and sleek, holding onto the ideals of natural and hand-made - two of Made's key ethos. The interior and exterior design were also considered in this process as they needed to fit in with the aesthetic.

The beautiful LED logo signs at the front of the store feature natural copper rims. The internal menu frames were custom made using recycled Blackbutt timber.

We commissioned Frank & Mimi to concept and hand paint a large mural on the restaurant back wall. They took “awesome between bread” and did exactly that.

We also had the pleasure of designing the table numbers. Using the numbers from Made's custom font we had these laser cut out of metal and used recycled Blackbutt bases as the stand. This again aligned with the unique, handmade ethos whilst seamlessly blending with the restaurant's interior.


Along side this was the requirement for a number of printed and promotional pieces. Working directly with the chef who designed the menu, we helped identify the key value points of each menu item. We then weaved them into a menu description in short, medium and long descriptions/stories. This was then translated into multiple applications for display. 

The Result:

We’ve established a brand identity for Made that gives consumers the perception of a brand that has a maturity well beyond their years. By weaving a consistent vernacular through the story, image, and experience we’ve ensured a long term viability and market positioning strategy for Made. 

With each new customer, the reviews of product and experience have been overwhelmingly positive, generating a solid loyal following.

The brand has since been audited by an independent brand specialist and has been found to be the most conclusive brand message for fast casual retail they had seen in a number of years.

Our work with Made has also garnered praise from the design community, winning us two bronze medals in Corporate Identity, and Typography at the 2015 Queensland Print Industry Craftsmanship Awards.

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