Opals Down Under

Work Completed: 
  • Brand Story Development
  • Identity Refresh
  • Creative Direction
  • Art Direction
  • Branding Guide
  • Stationery
  • Signage
  • Billboards
  • Print Ad Templates
  • Photography
  • Website Interface and Checkout Streamline


Originally, Opals Down Under approached Fan Design in need of some new billboard artwork.  The current billboards located on the Bruce Highway and on the Sunshine Motorway had not been updated for a number of years, and with their upcoming 30 year anniversary, the owners felt it was time for a change.

Before we could dive into the artwork, we worked with Opals Down Under to discover their story and we helped them to identify a clear brand strategy moving forward. We wanted to ensure that the messages we were creating captured their audience, but also gave ODU a strategy that they could carry with them for years to come.

What we did:

Brand Refresh

Initially, we worked with ODU in developing their story. After a half day workshop with the ODU team, we were able to uncover the passions and history that had allowed a business to thrive for 30 years.  It was then up to us to articulate that story and develop a message that would help people fall back in love with opals.

Now that we had a clear vision of where we were heading with the brand, we were able to make a start on the artwork. The logo was simply refreshed with a more classic font that felt a little lighter than previously. The flourish on the ‘P’ was slightly amended to be more aesthetically pleasing. This resulted in a logo that was still recognisable,but with a more elegant and modern feel.

The colours selected were to pay homage to the opals and the brand. A deep navy was selected reflecting the deep blues in which opals are known for and to add a level of sophistication. Lilac was chosen as a secondary to add a feminine touch and pay homage to the purple that has been used by the brand for the last 30 years. A hint of an earthy sand colour added a warmth to the brand and acted as a neutral colour, acknowledging the land and coastline of Australia.

A hand written font was introduced to bring a personal & organic element to the brand. This contrasted against the clean and classic of the new logo. The organic feel is further carried through with a graphical element. The graphical element was inspired by the various shapes of the opal. 

Along with the brand refresh of ODU, we also wanted to begin to shift the way people thought about opals. We wanted to make people aware of how valuable, unique and rare opals actually are rather than the stereotypical ‘tourism souvenir’ that opals are so often associated with.  We were able initiate this change in perception with the way in which we styled and presented the product in a  photoshoot.


Rather than having a product image on the billboards along with a positing statement, we wanted to bring the opals to life. By engaging a model to wear the opal jewellery who connected with ODU’s target market (women 30+), and capturing this in a fashion shoot by the beach, we were able to do this.   We were also able to show how the jewels can be worn as an everyday jewel and how they are a unique addition to the modern woman’s wardrobe. 

The positioning statement, ‘As unique as you are’, was taken into consideration during the shoot and therefore became the concept. A woman feeling comfortable in her own skin, a natural beauty, adorned with opal jewels - the idea of wanting more than just one. 


We are now working with ODU to approach their online presence with a lean startup methodology. By using retrospective analytics and focusing our attention on the least costly updates for greatest perceived outcomes, we are helping them extend their reach, increase sales, and redirect resources to valuable modification rather than costly rebuilds.

The Result:

The client was thrilled with the brand refresh and the creation of a bank of images that are unique to them.

They are excited about the future of the business with the new brand in place, positioning themselves outside of the tourism sector. We’ve seen the beginnings of success with website conversions, with a slight increase in sales over the last quarter.

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