Void Building Design

Work Completed: 
  • Brand Identity
  • Branding Guide
  • Stationery
  • Photography
  • Website


VOID Building Design is a new company specialising in modern and contemporary building design. The owner Chris Halliday, is a well established building designer on the Sunshine Coast that likes to push the boundaries within reason and challenge convention.

VOID needed a brand that reflected Chris’ building design ethos and aesthetic. This was a good opportunity to create a brand that reflected Chris’ ideals in building design through graphic design.

What we did:

How do you illustrate something that means nothing? How do you highlight the importance of the space in which we exist? A void. We don’t exist in houses or rooms. We exist in the space which these create.

By exploring the idea of an architectural void, we sought to ,challeng the convention of form and function within the building blocks of a structure using lines, focal point, angles and light.

All of these messages were encompassed in a single icon. A Triangular Prism. The triangle of the prism not only represented the V in ‘void’ but when viewed from different angles, can change form.

The prism was accompanied with a simple modern type set. The grey and white colour scheme reflects the professional sophistication and simplicity of the brand. An accent of here and there provides the unexpected.

The icon element was carried through the stationery, used to create multiple voids within the negative space of a page. Void’s website was kept simple and sophisticated to allow Chris’ work do the talking. The design element was added to create visual interest to the website.

The Result:

The result has given Chris the confidence in starting his new business with a professional and respectable brand, that will stay with him for many years to come. It’s adaptable to the growth of his business in which we are sure will be a great success.

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