Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
George Santayana


We live for the future, act in the present, and build on our past.

Our past is important to us. It contains the successes and - most importantly - the lessons that have made us who we presently are. It reminds us that our future is written in the simple moments, through actions and decisions we influence daily, we are charting a course to a destination yet to be unveiled.

Fan Design is the unanticipated result of a decade-long creative journey by founder Kane Bradshaw. Kane entered the industry professionally in the early 2000s after graduating from a degree in design & marketing, and began in the pre-press department of a printing company. An insatiable thirst for understanding, playfully earned him the reference of “the sponge”, Kane set himself on a vector for growth that pushed the status quo. Through learning the history of print and mechanical fundamentals of the trade, he worked his way up to help develop, found and manage a new creative department within the firm. That department grew to serve the branding needs of large local and national companies.

After working for a time in that role, Kane’s life moved in a new direction and, he hoped, to a new career, so he completed a Certificate of Music Studies in Jazz Vocal at the Queensland Conservatorium and then enrolled in a Bachelor of Music.

During these studies, two revelations occurred. Firstly, he was surrounded daily by substantial and noteworthy talent, that he knew - unfortunately, the world would never know about. This planted the seed of realisation that “good” was not enough, we must to be able to articulate and share our value in a meaningful way. Secondly, he continued to help a small number of design clients on the side, and at the time subconsciously began to intertwine this valuable lesson to develop meaningful and effective communication tools. As time progressed he steadily became aware that the more people he helped, the more they wanted, until one day he realised there was a real need for the work he was able to do. That lightbulb moment led to the official launch of Fan Design Studio.

From its conception as a solo operation, the recent addition of three talented staffers (fanatics) means the creative power of the business has widened and intensified, to the ongoing benefit of clients.

Today our team are committed to skilfully managing the branding needs of small and large local firms, as well as international brands that are based locally on the Sunshine Coast. By building friendships with our clients, we are able to create appropriate and emotive brand messages that customers want to hear.

With that in mind, we carry with us a sense of excitement as we look forward to the new relationships, creative adventures and marketing successes still to come.


What's in a name?

Based on the idea of an oscillating fan influencing and changing its atmosphere, combined with the emotion of a deeply engaged follower; our name illustrates the role of brand strategy. 

Just like the wind, Fan Design is like having a fan for your business, working to spread a message that shapes the perception of your brand. We can create and regulate the atmosphere using proven tools and imaginative strategies. And by engaging people's emotions by telling the story of your brand, we create not only customers but engaged followers - fans.

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